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Refurbished Printer & Photocopier
Revitalize Your Printing Experience

Superior Office Services UAE is one of Printers/Photocopiers' leading re-sellers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and UAE regions. Our main advantage is we have ready stock of all well-known brands. Superior Office Services offering a wide range of products at competitive prices and free delivery Superior Office Services built a reputation for delivering quality, innovative products. Write it in simple words. write it in other words.

How does a refurbished printer save you money & time?

Low Price

Purchasing refurbished office equipment in UAE is more cost-effective than investing in a brand-new one. It got less expensive since it was used. Since it is fixed and examined by experts and inspectors, the quality will be good.

Discounted Price

Some consumers are hesitant to purchase even though refurbished printers are of decent quality. This is due to the possibility of small visual imperfections in a refurbished printer. You will likely find some dents, dings, and scratches on that printer because someone else has used it before you. Because of this, it often appears with significant discounts to attract customers and promote spending less money.

Assurance of Quality

Refurbished printers must undergo thorough inspection and repair by qualified technicians and inspectors, their quality will be high. Also, it produces results that are almost the same as their brand-new printer. As a trusted refurbished printer supplier in UAE, we strictly adhere to quality, standards, and reliability before selling these printers.

Warranty Coverage

You can get warranties to these refurbished printers which can range from a few months to a full year depending on the supplier. In addition, some suppliers are willing to offer refurbished printers the same level of technical assistance as brand-new ones.

Environment Friendly

Purchasing refurbished printers lowers the carbon footprint of your company. Therefore, businesses and manufacturers can lessen the number of printers and their parts that are disposed of in landfills or sent to scrap yards by repairing this.

Why Us for preowned-printer sale?

We have a dedicated team for technical support. We provide onsite support and offsite support. Purchasing a refurbished copier/printer is more cost-effective than buying a brand-new one, at times. SOS allows you to acquire and own high-quality and excellent-performing refurbished printers and photocopiers in perfect condition. We assure you about the quality of the goods we sell with a valid warranty for a specific period. We always try to bring the best in everything and exceed customer anticipations by providing excellent services.

KYOCERA, SHARP, Triumph-Adler, RICOH, HP, UTAX, Konica Minolta. Etc

Tips for The Selection of Best Refurbished Printers in UAE

  • Verify the print volume specifications. Determine how many pages you can print at a time. This will help in determining the speed, capacity, and kind of printer you require.
  • Many refurbished printers have a range of features, so be sure to check for the ones you need, such as mobile printing and wireless connectivity.
  • Consider the various warranty choices.
  • To confirm the quality and reliability, look for customer testimonials and reviews of the refurbished printer suppliers in UAE.
  • Compare costs offered by various suppliers or refurbishes to ensure you are receiving the best value for your money.
  • Verifying compatibility is critical to prevent problems or limits. Thus, confirm that your operating system and the refurbished printer you select are compatible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because every refurbished printer must go through various tests and repairs, it must be of good quality.
It ranges from a few months to one year, depending on the supplier.
It includes cleaning, decorating and re-equipping.
You can email us at sales@sosauh.com
If you have any queries or complaints, you can call or email us at
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