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5 Reason Why You Should Choose Printer On Rent

5 Reason Why You Should Choose Printer On Rent

5 Reason Why You Should Choose Printer On Rent

Buying a printer appears to be a financial burden for many small businesses. Apart from the supply cost and maintenance cost involved, stretching the budget to purchase a copier is often counted as beyond profitability

Renting multifunctional printers is cost-effective, allowing you to meet printing needs without investing too much.

According to a report, 80% of companies are choosing to rent their printers instead of buying them.

Printers are solution for :
»   Printer is a leading printing solution, offering SMEs to perform daily operations smoothly.
»   Temporary offices, agencies, engineering, and construction project sites.
»   Academic institutions, government bodies and charities.
»   Fulfilling high-quantity document production within short-term.
»   Special events that need to produce documents in bulk (e.g conventions and trade shows).

Why You Should Choose Printer Rental Service

1. Cost-saving
Rather than paying upfront beforehand, renting is a smarter option to keep your capital on other business expenses. It is effective for startups or businesses that are unsure about their printing or copying requirements for a period. The fact that renting is tax-deductible, except for VAT being capitalized upfront. Instead of paying a lump sum of money at the purchase, renting a printer or copier allows you to convert the original amount into smaller payments on a set schedule.

2. Supply cost
Rental agreements usually exclude the cost of transportation of supplies which eventually reduce both initial and monthly costs. Local suppliers that rent out copiers offer ink toners and cartridges at much lower prices. Undoubtedly, buying them from retail stores can cost 5x more than renting.

3. Zero headaches on end-of-life issues
Just like any other electricals, printers, quite often, occur unexpected glitches and damage. However, few models reach their end-of-life too rapidly than regular models which can ultimately hinder your company’s logistics. However, using outdated printers is quite painful when they can’t function well in a fast-paced environment.

For the last couple of years, people have been more concerned about environmental issues— mainly about e-waste. Most printer leasing companies manage the disposal of worn-out printers with set environment-friendly regulations made by domestic and international organizations. You don’t have to worry about disposing of it. Just return and they will handle the rest.

4. Life span management
Printers or copiers gradually lose their value over time and are more likely to get outdated within a few years. When you rent a printer, you have the ability to upgrade the printer within the rental period. You can upgrade to more advanced printers for better printing without spending extra costs. Best thing about printer renting is that you can rent for a certain period or return them when you’re no longer in need of them.

5. No more maintenance cost
Printers are usually leased out on a fixed contract which varies depending on one’s terms or needs. Quite often, printers have breakdowns that cost a significant amount of money for repairing. With rented printers, you need not worry about maintenance or repair cost as it is held by the provider. Just make a call for any technical support or occasional system malfunction.

6. Training and installation
Most of the rental providers provide free training and installation service. They will deliver the set of printers, install them and train the workforce on how to effectively use them. It saves a lot of time as employees don’t have to spend their valuable time trying to figure out the functions of copiers.

7. Total flexibility
To ensure easy budgeting, rental agreements allow early upgrades, allowing you to pace up with the latest technology. It means you have the freedom to upgrade your printers with the company’s growth.

If you’re not sure which printer may serve your business needs, renting is the right option, allowing you to try different printers before finding the right one. It aids you to examine different features to understand their usefulness according to your needs.

It is safe to say that renting a printer is easier and gives more than you spend. If you’re looking for a printer renting company, India Rentalz is your one-stop solution. It is one of the most trusted printer renting providers all over India with numerous clients and partners from different industries.